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Is Sen. Reid Guilty of Sexual Harassment?


As we ponder the oddity of Reid publicly declaring Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to be the "hottest" of his colleagues, the Telegraphs Toby Harnden asks if the amounts to sexual harassment in the workplace:

Reid is (for now) Senate Majority Leader. Gillibrand is a junior Senator. It was the kind of stupid, inappropriate comment that women in the workplace often have to endure. For a Senator to be told that what makes her stand out on Capitol Hill is that she’s “hot” is incredibly belittling. No wonder Gillibrand turned red.

What the comment suggests is that Reid and his male buddies have been gossiping about Gilibrand and treating her as a sex object. Great way to energise the liberal base, Harry.

So why has there been so little outcry over Reid's comment?

At least partly because he is regarded by many as a bit of a doofus who is prone to Bidenesque utterances. But can you imagine if he’d said the same thing about Sarah Palin? Or Hillary Clinton?

Fox News even as a slideshow of Reid gaffes here.

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