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Obama breaks out the chalkboard


Imitation is the best form of flattery, and apparently Barack Obama is watching Fox News at 5pm and taking notes because he's breaking out a chalkboard of his very own.

Well, he's actually calling it the 'White House White Board' and it's his new economic guru Austan Goolsbee trying to do his best Glenn Beck impersonation.

[youtube expand=1]

The only thing sillier than Obama's chalkboard theft is the point Goolsbee is trying to make about tax cuts. He spells out the 'problem' which is that people who make $1 million dollars or more have a bigger circle than the people making $10k a year (there's a crazy, wacky concept, eh?). But Obama sees this as a problem, and every problem needs a solution. His? Even out the circles! It's so simple, so brilliant, so... ah, lets just call it what it is:  Marxist!

By the way - notice that when the giant red circle is cut down to size - none of the other circles get bigger. If the rich get poorer and the poor don't get richer - where's that leave us? In John Holdren 'de-developed' heaven, I guess.

Editor's Note: Read Stu's thoughts on the administration's new visual display here.

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