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Is Campbell’s Halal Soup Promoting Sharia in North America?


Talking Points Memo had the following story today:

Sound The Sharia Alarm! Campbell's Makes Halal Soups

It then goes on to poke fun at the idea:

Earlier this year, Campbell Canada introduced a line of halal-certified soups. The 15 soups comply with Islamic dietary regulations which, much like kosher regulations, prohibit certain foods and define the right way to slaughter animals. ... [Emphasis added]

To some people, that's just more evidence that Sharia is coming to North America -- this time, via the grocery store.

As evidence, TPM quotes A Facebook group created just Tuesday called "Boycott Campbell Soup" [sic]:

This is yet another example of just how dangerous creeping shariah is to Western Civilization, Democracy and all freedom loving peoples. There are stages to the islamization of non-islamic countries. [...] This is just another way that terrorism and it's sponsors are insinuating themselves into our culture, Terrorists are NOT freedom fighters they are murderous thugs and I will not pay money for soup or any other product that supports, aids or abetts their tactics. Hope someone puts a list out of all of Campbell's affiliates.

I have to side with TPM on this one. I do not believe that Muslims are secretly trying to subvert the American political system through our grocery stores. Are we supposed to deny Muslims food that adheres to their religious practice? Starve them out of North America? Many would probably find the idea of denying Jews their Kosher food, wrong. No matter your thoughts on Islam, denying its followers their Halal food would be a similar move, and similarly wrong.

Radical Islam is an issue. Denying its followers their Halal food, or fighting against those that do, is not the answer.

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