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Vile': Michigan Woman Taunts Dying Neighbor Girl in Sickening Feud


"Worst people in the world."

There is no way to soft-coat how nauseating this story is. Kathleen Edward is 7-years-old. She is dying. She has Huntington's disease. So did her mother. Mom died when she was 24.

Two years ago there was party. Kids jumped in a "bounce house." Somebody texted something. Somebody got mad about something. This involves pictures on Facebook of the Grim Reaper and a little girl framed with crossbones.

Kathleen has neighbors. Evil? Pay attention:

What fits here? "Worst people in the world." I'm okay with that.  "Vile." Getting there.

Once things went viral the Michigan neighbors started to auto-retune their message:

What if you are married to a woman who enjoys taunting dying 7-year-olds?  A woman who does this "Because it rubs their a---s raw.  Burns their a---s."

Could a discussion of law and cyber bullying make this anymore palatable? No.

If the neighbors truly do want to repent where would they go? Westboro Baptist Church?

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