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GOP Candidate Slams Opponent Over 'Constitution Is Wrong' Statement


"I don’t think corporations should have the same equality as a regular voter..."

During a debate Wednesday evening at a local high school with his Republican opponent, Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., weighed in with his opinion on the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

In the past, the court has ruled that monetary campaign donations are an extension of individuals' First Amendment constitutional right to free speech, but McGovern shocked some in the audience when he said, "the Constitution is wrong."

“We have a lousy Supreme Court decision that has opened the floodgates, and so we have to deal within the realm of constitutionality. And a lot of the campaign finance bills that we have passed have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. I think the Constitution is  wrong. I don’t think that money is the same thing as human beings. I don’t think money equals free speech. I don’t think corporations should have the same equality as a regular voter in this district.”

It may be that the Congressman meant to say that the Supreme Court was wrong.  Did he misspeak?

McGovern's Republican opponent, Marty Lamb, doesn't seem to think so. He quickly issues press release:

Tonight, Marty Lamb, Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts Third District, was shocked at Congressman James McGovern's words and his attitude toward the U.S. Constitution.

During the debate Congressman McGovern stated, "the Constitution is wrong," when questioned about campaign finance. Congressman McGovern does not seem to believe in the First Amendment-the freedom of speech.

"I am deeply troubled by the Congressman's statement. I don't think that Jim McGovern is smarter than our forefathers. I support the first amendment. In fact, I support all the amendments," said Lamb. "The first action a Congressman takes is an oath is to uphold the Constitution. This oath should not be taken lightly."

McGovern has represented Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District in since 1997.

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