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Fired: Finnish News Anchor Caught 'Drinking' On Air


Kimmo Wilska may be the most popular English-speaking newsreader in Finland. But now he's the most popular English-speaking newsreader in Finland looking for a job.

Wilska was fired from Finland's YLE network after pretending to drink from a beer bottle while reporting on an alcohol licensing story.

9News explains the unlucky series of events:

Kimmo Wilska, who is the country's most famous English-language anchor, was delivering a story about Finland's alcohol licensing laws.

While footage was rolling on the screen, he took a swig from a beer bottle.

But the camera cut back to Wilska while he was still taking a sip.

Wilska, dubbed the 'Barry White of Finland' because of his gravelly voice, is an anchorman at YLE, the country’s second largest TV channel.

He said the prank was meant for his colleagues in the studio and not to be broadcast on air.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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