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Rabbits Munch Away at Denver Man's Eco-Friendly Car


Mmm... soy.

Dexter Meyer says he recently returned to Denver International Airport after a trip and went to retrieve his car from the airport's parking lot. After nine days, Meyer said he found that his car would barely start. A trip to the dealership revealed the problem: rodents had eaten through the car's wiring.

According to Meyer, the dealership explained that small critters like rabbits and mice like to much on the car's new wiring made up of a soy-based compound.

When Meyer later reported his problem to the airport, he says they told him they were "aware of the problem" and that "they were thinking about increasing patrols" of security guards to try and shoo bunnies away from the idle vehicles.

Closing thought: I wonder if the additional security officers on bunny patrol would technically be considered "green" jobs...

Here's a better idea -- go back to plastic.

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