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Beck Repudiates Broden's Violent Overthrow Comments: 'What Are You Thinking?


"Stephen Broden, what are you thinking?"

On his radio show Friday, Glenn Beck took time to respond to comments made by Texas congressional candidate Stephen Broden that violence was a part of America's founding and that a future violent overthrow of the government is "on the table."

In first talking about the story, Beck came out strongly against the idea. "If somebody is suggesting violence, they will be the destruction of our country," he said:

Later in the show, Beck realized that the Stephen Broden mentioned in the story is Pastor Stephen Broden, whom Beck has had on his show in the past. "Stephen Broden, what are you thinking?" Beck said. "Can't stand with you on that; I can't stand with you at all if you're saying stuff like that":

Beck then went on to unequivocally denounce violent overthrow of government, warning that such actions will lead America into conflict that mirrors the French Revolution, not the American one. He also said that if Broden's reported comments are in context, Beck will "campaign against him":

Beck's memory serves him right. Broden has been a guest on Beck's program and was even present at the 8/28 rally (seen below with Alveda King) as well as the "Divine Destiny" event the day before:

Broden founded Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas in 1987. According to his website he is still senior pastor of the church.

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