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Possessed TX Voting Machine Only Allows Votes for Green Party


"There's really no way of knowing how it recorded the vote, is there?"

Don Relyea supports incumbent Republican Rick Perry for governor in TX. Naturally, he went to the polls to cast his vote. But while in the privacy of his voting booth, he noticed something very strange: as he tried to submit his ballot, it changed. Again. And again. The electronic voting machine he was using kept switching his votes to Green Party candidates, and he caught it on tape:

(H/T: Gawker, via Reddit)

Your eyes aren't fooling you: every time Relyea pushes the "Rick Perry" button, the vote changes to Deb Shafto -- the Green Party's candidate -- and also the Green Party candidates for all the other offices.

According to Gawker, Relyea wasn't the only one having trouble. Apparently someone else was having the same problem -- when he went to vote for Democrat Bill White, his vote kept switching to Rick Perry:

I had the same problem with a voting machine in Collin County, still right outside of Dallas. It was Diebold, and very different from the one in this video.

Another difference was that mine took some convincing to let me vote for Bill White. Every time I would press it, it would select Bill White for a second, then switch to Rick Perry. I eventually did it enough times that it stuck.

Well, at least I hope it stuck. There's really no way of knowing how it recorded the vote, is there?

Reylea was eventually placed at another polling machine after raising "a stink." No priests have been called to attend to the machines -- that we know of.

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