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Too Many Concerns': Dallas Morning News Un-Endorses Controversial Candidate Broden


"We plan to offer more details in the days ahead."

In what could be the start of political fallout for Texas congressional candidate Stephen Broden, the Dallas Morning News has pulled its endorsement of the Republican pastor citing "too many concerns" after he was quoted Thursday saying that a violent government overthrow is "on the table."

On October 1, the paper originally endorsed Broden over incumbent Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Texas's 30th U.S. House district.

"[W]e cannot look past the fact that Johnson allowed at least 23 scholarships that could have helped constituents' children to be funneled to her own family and associates," the paper's editorial board wrote. "The constituents of this southern Dallas district deserve better."

The board went on to say:

We recommend the Republican challenger, Stephen Broden. We don't make this recommendation lightly. The public knows little about Broden, 58, but we are heartened by the fact that he has been involved at the street level, reclaiming parts of the district in southern Dallas. He pastors a small mission church near Fair Park, whose goal is to transform the lives of pimps, prostitutes and addicts. Having seen the district's needs from the ground up, he believes much more could be done to create jobs and stability.

At 3:23 pm CT, that endorsement was removed on one section of the paper's website and replaced with the following:Besides the editorial endorsement, the Morning News also published a news story regarding Broden's original comments to WFAA-TV News 8 in Dallas. Neither outlet's story had been updated as of Friday night.

Broden, however, did update his website Friday. He posted the following under the heading "Revolution Through the Ballot":

The Morning News responded to The Blaze's initial request for comment by sending an e-mail with the updated endorsement. However the paper has not responded to a follow-up e-mail requesting information on the specifics of Broden's "back-track." WFAA's Brad Watson, who originally reported Broden's comments, also did not return a request for comment.

The Blaze has been in contact with Broden's campaign. The candidate has agreed to an interview, which will be posted in the coming days.

Earlier today Glenn Beck spoke out about the incident, saying that if Broden's comments were reported in correct context he would "campaign against him.” Broden appeared at Beck's 8/28 and "Divine Destiny" events in Washington, D.C. this summer.

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