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Joy Behar: Not Smart.

Joy Behar's comments about Media Matters are some of the most inane words that have been uttered in (at least) the past decade of political discourse.   She said that NPR is objective because it had been "vetted by objective ‘Media Matters’ people.”

To argue that NPR is an objective organization is a point that I would disagree with strongly.  But, I know smart liberals who love NPR and can argue that point intelligently.  Behar, however, cannot.  She is so completely unaware of the political/media landscape that she thinks citing Media Matters--is a point in her favor.   This is a woman who does this for a living.  I mean, even Media Matters doesn't consider Media Matters to be objective.  This is how they describe themselves:

“progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

They don't claim to correct misinformation.  They claim to correct "conservative misinformation. "  They don't claim to do research.  They claim to do "progressive research."  They are as much an objective organization as they are a brothel for poodles.  (Assuming they don't have sex-slave-poodles...which I wouldn't doubt.)

The point here is that Joy Behar has no depth.  None.  It's obvious even on The View when she's talking in four second bursts.  But, the longer she goes on, the more obvious it gets.  She talks like someone who has been at a party where smart people were talking about politics, and is now flailing around on national television attempting to recreate those conversations.  It's like trying to make the keynote speech at a convention of architects, when your main qualification is that you've seen a lot of buildings.

The fact that her cable news show is still on the air serves as an amazing commentary about her staff--a very talented, smart, and hardworking group of people who deserve much, much, much, much, much better.

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