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Viral Charlie Chaplin 'time travel' video


An AP story came across the wire telling me that there's a new time travel video going viral. I'd like to think that no YouTube sensation is officially viral until it goes on The Blaze. So I'm posting it here now.

Quick context. An Irish film maker bought a Charlie Chaplin film, and while watching it he caught what he says can only be described as a "time traveler." The 1928 film "The Circus" appears to show a woman talking on a cell phone, the film maker says, but cell phones weren't created until about 50 years later.

The film maker gives a long explanation before showing the actual video, so you can either watch the whole thing or fast forward to about 2:00 min and get the Reader's Digest version, as well as the mind-boggling clip:


The AP's story says the actor could just be using an old version of a hearing aid. But that's kind of boring.

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