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Meek Supporters Playing Dirty in Florida?


Election Journal brings news (and video) of some pundits toeing the line between following and breaking the rules at a polling place down in Florida.

In that state's heated three-way battle for U.S. Senate between Charlie Crist (I), Marco Rubio (R), and Kendrick Meek (D), it appears some Democratic supporters were breaking polling-place laws by campaigning too close to the actual polls (laws say they can't be withing 100 feet). A poll worker brought out a measuring tape and forced the sign-and-bull-horn-toting campaigners to move back (and marked that line with a cone). It seems the workers took that more as a suggestion than a command:

Still, some may complain that the poll worker and the videographers were being too technical -- what's 99 feet compared to 100? The answer is that the spirit of the law is in place to protect voters from unruly campaigning, intimidation, and harassment. Sadly, even if these workers were at 105 feet they would have been violating that spirit.

For now, they are just guilty of violating the letter of the law. But that might be the least of their offenses.

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