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What happens when a trick play fails?


A North Carolina high school football team answered that question last week.

Trying to piggy-back off the popularity of a Texas team's recent viral trick play, Watauga High School senior placekicker Cam Haas back-flipped his way down the line of scrimmage during a two-point attempt. As you'll see, the refs didn't take too kindly to the play: Haas was flagged for excessive celebration and ejected from the game along with his coach.

The best part of the video may be the voices of what seems to be the videographers. "What's illegal about that?" one man asks out loud, seemingly speaking to the refs. When another comments that the play was "stupid" someone else replies, "Stupid ain't illegal":

Yahoo Sports reports:

According to Watauga coach Tim Pruitt, the play was chosen by the team's seniors before the game when the coach offered them the choice to have one play run during the course of their final game. When he was told the Pioneers wanted to run Haas' handspring play, he said he would do his best, and then took a chance on it when his team was facing an unlikely two-point conversion, anyway.

"I made the wrong choice," Pruitt told Prep Rally. "And I am a lot more regretful than you might think." ...

"We met with the officials before the game and they didn't say anything about trick plays. I was the one that brought it up. I knew we were going to get flagged, but I decided to run the play anyway. Looking back at it, obviously it wasn't a good decision. But if he had told me he was kicking him out of the game for it, I would have never ran it."

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