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Update: LSU Professor Warns Students Global Warming Will Cause 'Ugly Deaths


"What I was doing was very intentional..."

...and if you're skeptical of global warming and unwilling to make serious sacrifices, LSU's Dr. Bradley Schaefer warns that the "ugly deaths" of your children will all be your fault!

In another astonishing video from Campus Reform, the professor's exercise continues, asking students if they'd be willing to limit the number of future children they'll have and how much in new taxes they'd be willing to pay in order to save the planet. But for the group of students who are skeptical of the theory, he openly mocks and laughs at them as he singles them out from the rest of the class:

Click here to see part one.

In defense of his classroom example, Dr. Schaefer, an astronomy professor, said he was wrongly being targeted by conservative students who released the excerpts of his lecture on climate change.

"What I was doing was very intentional. I was posing all sides of how to handle global warming, and I was challenging all sides of it, too," Schaefer told The Associated Press. He argued the clips misrepresent his point, which was to provoke discussion about climate change policy. Schaefer said that he gave equal criticism to students with other points of view. ...

Michael L. Cherry, chairman of the department of physics and astronomy, told The Chronicle of Higher Education that Schaefer "is an extremely exuberant and enthusiastic teacher who consistently gets very strong student evaluations." Still, he noted that the video didn't paint the professor in the best light.

"I will confess that while this film was heavily edited, it looks pretty embarrassing. I think it's probably fair to say he was not sufficiently sensitive and was overly enthusiastic."

The dean of LSU's College of Science, Kevin Carman, said no student has complained about the lecture and no action will be taken against Schaefer.

Meanwhile, Campus Reform -- a program of the conservative Leadership Institute -- is inviting people to make up their own minds by watching Dr. Schaefer's full unedited 40-min lecture, which can be found here.

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