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Man Who Taped TSA Searching Shirtless Boy Describes Agent's Intimidation


A college student who videotaped TSA agents searching a young, shirtless boy* spoke out today about how an unidentified, black-suited man tried to get him to delete the video.

Utah Valley University student Luke Tait, who captured the event on Friday, told KSL radio today that after he got through security someone who appeared to be with the TSA tried to convince him that his just-captured video was invasive:

The full interview can be heard through KSL here.

Tait's video stirred controversy Monday. In his original description of the YouTube sensation, Tait made it seem TSA agents requested the boy remove his shirt, an insinuation he has backed off of in subsequent interviews. But Tait continues to claim the boy didn't set off the metal detector, which would have prompted a secondary screening. The TSA has denied that claim.

Read about our original skepticism here, and the description contradictions here.

*According to reports, the TSA did not remove the boy's shirt nor request it be removed. The boy's father did that in order to expedite the process.

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