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Job-Seeking Beck Caller Encounters Flood of Support


"The walls are crashing in on me."

During the final minutes of his morning radio program Tuesday, host Glenn Beck fielded a call from small business owner calling from San Diego, Calif., whose taken a big hits in life lately. The caller is just one of many struggling small business owners in America facing an uncertain future in an even more uncertain economy.

Gary, a fisherman and sport fishing entrepreneur (whose name was accidentally transcribed as "Jerry"), told Glenn his small business had taken serious hits in the past several months. "The walls are crashing in on me," Gary said. "I'm holding on to the little bit that i have." Like many Americans struggling to make ends meet these days, Gary said he doesn't know where to turn for help.

"I'm a man that's never ever asked for anything, never put my hand out for anything in my life... At this point, I'll wash dishes, clean toilets; I'll do windows, sweep streets. I can't find a job here in San Diego," he said. "I don't know where to turn... What do we do, Glenn?"

Glenn offered some personal advice for Gary to help him get through today's tough times, including relying on his faith in God. He also encouraged the audience to be ready to help others in their time of need.

After Gary's email address went out over the airwaves to Glenn's listeners, The Blaze circled back to see what kind of response Gary had gotten. He was happy to share his emotional experience with us.

"There are 90 emails that I will cherish for a lifetime," Gary says. "The support has been overwhelming, the tears are still flowing." Most of the responses Gary's received have been from folks who could relate to his situation and have given him renewed resolve, he says. "It is not in my nature to quit and knowing there are so many great Americans struggling to make ends meet... In my heart I know somehow

this will all work out."

And even though many Americans are feeling pressure on their pocketbooks, Gary says a number of people offered money, but he wouldn't accept it. But joked that one offer -- Christmas brownies baked by a listener in North Carolina -- he might consider.

"This is not about me but about the millions of Americans who were not able to call and tell their story," Gary says. "I will be glad to share my

story with America and what has been passed on to me in hope that those struggling like myself find the strength to carry on."

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