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Fla. Man Arrested After Shooting Would-Be Intruder


A Key Largo, Fla. man was arrested Monday after he reportedly shot a teenager who was trying to break into his home.

Dimitrios Theodosiou, 62, says he heard 18-year-old Marlon Perez Monzon trying to open his front door at about 1 a.m. When Theodosiou yelled at the would-be intruder, Monzon ran around to another side of the house and homeowner went for his .38 revolver.

According to local news reports, Theodosiou yelled that he was going to shoot, the teen ran and attempted to flee. Monzon then got on the ground and Theodosiou shot the perp in the ankle.

Police say the teen works with Theodosiou's daughter and had been making "unwanted advances toward her," but the father apparently was not aware of this fact at the time of the shooting.

Following the shooting, the 62-year-old was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. In similar cases, the so-called "Castle Doctrine" has allowed homeowners to defend themselves when they feared for their life during break-ins. But local police say the doctrine does not apply in this situation.

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