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Critics lining up to stop Glenn Beck are failing miserably


Progressives have tried every trick in the book to get Glenn Beck off the air. Lately they’ve resorted to boycotts. Why? Because when they debate an issue it doesn’t go very well.

Take the latest ginned up Glenn Beck controversy: The ‘10% of Muslims are terrorists’ comment. Here’s what Glenn said:

BECK: What is the number of Islamic terrorists? One percent? I think it’s closer to 10 percent, but the rest of the PC world will tell you ‘oh no, it’s minuscule.’ Okay, well, let’s take you at your one percent. Look at the havoc of one percent of Muslims causing on the rest of the world!

The usual leftist dopes sprang into action and denounced Glenn. Maybe this would be the offense that finally gets him off the air! Media Matters, Think Progress, Huffington Post all dog piled. Stu Burguiere promptly destroyed them with the cold, hard facts.

That humiliating defeat didn’t stop CNN’s Fareed Zakaria from jumping into the water and repeating the complaint. Stu made quick work of his pathetic response.

Zakaria’s complete and total embarrassment didn’t stop CNN's Piers Morgan (replacing Larry King) from jumping into the water right after him. He tweeted:

  1. Piers Morgan

    piersmorgan CNN's brilliant Fareed Zakaria owns Glenn Beck on ludicrous '10% of muslims are terrorists' claim: http://bit.ly/en6xVz

Brilliant? Ludicrous? Stu,apparently bored of demolishing progressive hacks, left Piers to Mercury’s Kevin Balfe. Here’s how the tweet exchange went:

That’s where the tweet exchange ended. I can almost envision Piers frantically skimming through to page 26, reading the stats and then slamming his fists on the desk. ‘Dammit! I just got totally owned by some dude named Kevin!’. Yes, Piers, you did.

Seriously – look at the desperation. The left is actually in a position where they are defending people who are in favor of acts of terrorism waged against innocent civilians. They are openly cheering someone who sat in their living room on 9/11 and said ‘Yeah! Right on!’. And they aren’t even right about it. That’s your best shot? Really? REALLY?

And here’s the latest effort by the hacks on the left: They are attacking Glenn on his visit to Wilmington, Ohio. You know, the event Glenn hosted to help boost the economy in one of America’s hardest hit towns? I’m sure the town is really upset that thousands of people have flocked there this week. Who needs all that extra business anyway, right? One blogger complained that Glenn was ‘soaking’ his audience for $500 for premium tickets! And Media Matters couldn’t contain their giddiness at the $125 a ticket cost to see the live radio program. Aw, shucks. You got him there. Those are some pretty expensive tickets. Boy that Glenn Beck is a greedy capitalist – he’s taking advantage of people down on their luck.

Only one small problem: all the money from those ticket sales goes to charity.

So, not only is Glenn attracting a crowd to a struggling town – he’s attracting a crowd that has money to burn and they want to burn it in Wilmington, Ohio.

Maybe, just maybe, these leftist hacks could spend a little more time and money actually trying to help people instead of defending fans of Osama Bin Laden while trying to stop someone who is helping to revive a struggling American town.

Is that too much to ask? Probably.

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