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Michael Moore Says Founding Fathers Would Have Been Wikileakers


"Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin"

Where to start when Michael Moore joins Keith Olbermann to talk about his decision to help Wikileaker Julian Assange post bail?

One could start with Moore calling the government "liars" and saying it committed "crimes" by sending troops off to war. Or one could talk about Moore wondering aloud if the U.S. would have benefited from Wikileaks before the Vietnam War and before 9/11. Heck, one could even begin with Moore's statement that those who support Wikileaks are "committing an act of patriotism."

All good ones. But I think I'll go with Moore's most shocking hypothesis -- Ben Frankin and Thomas Jefferson would have done the same thing as Assange if they had internet back in the days of quill pens and horse buggies:

"I think this is something Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin would have-- if they could have invented this...they saw the importance of making sure the corrupt people in power...had a very large light on them."

Now that I've started, I'll let Moore and Olbermann finish:

This morning, "Fox and Friends" made clear what they think of Moore's actions: while talking about the bail money, the show put up the title "Bowling for treason?"

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