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Biden on GOP Holiday Complaints: 'Don't Tell Me About Christmas


"Get out of the way."

Joe Biden has a message for GOP senators complaining about Democrats using Christmas as a bargaining tool: "Don't tell me about Christmas."

In an NBC interview airing Thursday Morning, Biden lashed out at Republicans angry that Harry Reid has threatened to keep the Senate in session through January 4 if the START treaty is not ratified.

"Don't tell me about Christmas," Biden said. "I understand Christmas. I have been a senator for a long time." He went on to say there are 10 more shopping days until Christmas, and that he hopes the session doesn't "get in the way of your Christmas shopping, but this is the nation's business."

The tongue lashing was in response to comments from the GOP and Sen. Jon Kyle (R-AZ) who said keeping senators through Christmas would be "sacrilegious."

(H/T: Politico)


A longer version of Biden's comments, where he tells Republicans to "get out of the way":

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