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Yes, Virginia, there is a cross-dressing Santa in fishnet stockings at the mall


A viewer of The B-Cast sent along a picture she took at the Aventura Mall north of Miami.  Indeed, this is not your traditional Santa Claus:

Great.  Santa is now in full Marilyn Monroe mode.  The person who sent the pictures noted that this in a high-traffic section of the mall -- lots of families and kids wandering by.  She said if you look close you can see the cross-dressing Santa is wearing fishnet stockings.  I did a little searching and found that the site has also taken note of St. Nick's departure from the closet:

This display is apparently being used in a number of retail locations by the clothing retailer Ted Baker.

I saw a mention that the display is even creepier in person because it moves.   So, yes, I found video:

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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