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Update: Kucinich Worried His District Will Be Eliminated


As we reported a week ago, congressional redistricting following the 2010 Census threatens to edge Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio., out of Congress as population shifts shrink the Ohio House delegation.

At the time, Rep. Kucinich shrugged off questions about his future, saying, "I don’t have any control over this process, so I’m not going to worry about it."  But a report out Wednesday from CNN suggests the liberal congressman is taking action to protect his place in Congress.

In an e-mail to supporters Wednesday, the seven-term Democratic congressman and two-time presidential candidate says the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature is likely to eliminate his heavily Democratic Cleveland-area district.

But Kucinich says he’s not just going to stand by while that happens.

“I will not wait until a new Ohio map is produced to begin this crucial discussion of the consequences of congressional redistricting,” writes Kucinich. “I will not wait until the Ohio Legislature produces a new map to start thinking of the options. The question will not be: Who is my opponent? The question will be: Where is my district? Seriously.”

He’s also calling on supporters for ideas on how to proceed:

“We are going to have to prepare for a different kind of election, possibly in a different place because my district may be eliminated. We are going to have to organize in a different way, now. The question will remain: Where? This discussion is consequential. Please participate by providing your insight and advice.”

Kucinich also weighed in on the possibility of early retirement on Fox & Friends Tuesday:

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