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Radio Caller Blasts Al Sharpton Over Palin Blame Game in AZ Shooting


"That's my two cents."

When an irate caller phones into Rev. Al Sharpton's nationally syndicated radio program to condemn the widespread blaming of Sarah Palin and political rhetoric for last Saturday's shooting, Sharpton's guest, Jeff Johnson, jumps into defend the false narrative.

"Whether it’s Sarah Palin on the right or whether its other folks on the left -- and I don’t think the left is off the hook on this either -- but we were talking about her comment in particular," Johnson remarked. "You don’t believe that both she and people on the left and the media for that matter are responsible for promoting the kind of environment that encourages this kind of stuff to happen?"

"No," the Ohio caller responds. "It ain’t Sarah Palin. It’s the people that host these shows and all this stuff that throw this out here," he said.

"[Palin]’s public enemy number one to the left. Now for her to get all this attention, she must be top dog. That’s my two cents," he concluded.

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