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Puffy Jacket Saves Man From Being Stabbed to Death


"I'm real lucky."

A copy store employee is safe (and possibly a little colder) today after his large, puffy jacket saved him from being stabbed to death.

Abby Dumoff, 54, told the New York Post he had just returned to the store after walking his dog in the wee hours of Saturday morning when he happened upon someone trying to pry open the cash register with a scissors.

Dumoff quickly rushed to stop the robbery and a struggled ensued. That's when the would-be robber started stabbing wildly at Dumoff. But instead of piercing Dumoff's skin, the perp only got through Dumoff's jacket.

"If I hadn't been wearing my heavy coat, he could have killed me," Dumoff, who eventually chased the assailant away, told the Post.

"I'm real lucky," he added.

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