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Brainless Criminals Snort Human Ashes Mistaken for Cocaine

Image: MyFoxOrlando.com

Three adults and two juveniles were were looking for a high Tuesday when they were arrested for breaking and entering a Florida woman's home and stealing several items, including jewelry and electronics. Lost on the dumb criminals, however, was the fact that the urn of "cocaine" they allegedly stole actually contained the ashes of the woman's late father and two Great Danes.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the adult thieves were taken to jail. During the investigation, Orlando's WMKG learned, detectives discovered the suspects mistook the ashes for cocaine. When they finally realized what they were -- apparently through snorting trial and error -- the thieves dumped the ashes. Detectives are now working with the sheriff's dive team to locate them.

Police say this isn't the first time all five suspects have been charged with attempted residential burglary. Last Friday, a married couple was awakened by loud banging noises as the group tried to break into their home.

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