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Glenn Beck Joins Keith Ablow on 'Today' to Talk About....'Angry' Rhetoric


"There are people who've criticized you and said that you are part of the problem."

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck appeared alongside co-author Dr. Keith Ablow on the "Today" show to talk about their new book, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. Interviewer Meredith Viera kept the topic about the book initially, although she did point out a couple times how Beck is controversial and a "lightening rod."

But as predicted, Viera could not conduct the entire interview without bringing up the mainstream media's obsession with violent rhetoric (it only took four minutes into the nine minute interview). In fact, Beck and Viera had a slightly testy exchange when she tried to corner him about his contribution to angry political speech and insisted on quoting past comments:

Beck responded to the question in general by saying that political speech must be put in context.

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