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TODAY at 2p ET: Dr. Ablow Live


Glenn premieres a new web show from his production company today called "The 7...Live," with Dr. Keith Ablow. The idea is to take two people who are fed up with being unhappy (we're calling them "page turners") and show how they are able to transform their lives by applying the 7 principles that Dr. Ablow and Glenn wrote about in their new book.   Unlike other so-called "reality" shows, this one is 100% authentic. There are no casting directors or writers...just a few people who are ready to start living the lives they were born to live.

As Glenn said on the air the other day, this show could completely melt down, but, if it doesn't, it should be an amazing journey to witness. You can check it out live at 2p ET at the link below, or on-demand anytime at the same link.


Alternatively, you can watch the show live on Facebook.

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