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Errant Text Message Accidentally Detonates Suicide Bomber, Saving Hundreds


The next time you get an annoying mass text message, you might want to think twice before getting upset. It could save your life. At least that's what happened recently in Russia.

Security sources tell the London Telegraph that a Russian Islamic terrorist plan was foiled on New Year's Eve when a "Happy New Year" text detonated the terrorist's suicide bomb prematurely:

Security sources believe a spam message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her but nobody else.

The phones are usually kept switched off until the very last minute but in this case, Russian security sources believe, the terrorists were careless.

She was at her Moscow safe house at the time getting ready with two accomplices, both of whom survived and were seen fleeing the scene.

The Telegraph explains that cell phones and text messages are a favorite tool of Islamic terrorists in Russia. "The bomber's handler, who is usually watching their charge, sends the bomber a text message in order to set off his or her explosive belt at the moment when it is thought they can inflict maximum casualties," the paper writes. It adds that the bombing could have killed hundreds.

The would-be bomber has not been identified, however police believe she is connected to the group that orchestrated a deadly suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport earlier this week that killed 35.

Makes you want to go out and get an unlimited text plan, doesn't it?

(H/T: Gawker)

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