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Ed Schultz Smears Limbaugh, Mocks Levin Over Random Voicemail


Try and wrap your head around this logic, courtesy of MSNBC's Ed Schultz:

--Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh jokingly impersonates Chinese President Hu Jintao with a fake accent on-air.

--Liberal politically-correct outrage ensues, including calls for a public boycott of Limbaugh's radio program by California state Sen. Leland Yee.

--Pro-Limbaugh (or anti-anti-Limbaugh) folks send threatening faxes and leave mean voicemails for Sen. Yee.

--Ed Schultz blames Limbaugh and insists it's rhetoric from "the Right" that leads people to take such action.

--Oh, and Rush's fellow conservative radio host Mark Levin is apparently a "fat slob."

h/t Brian Maloney

Apparently Schultz doesn't have any trouble blaming someone for something someone else did.

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