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Super Bowl Ad With Biblical Reference Rejected by Fox


A number of potential advertisements to run in this year's Super Bowl have been rejected by Fox Broadcasting, including a controversial Frito Lay ad for Doritos and a pro-infidelity ad. The latest ad to be rejected by network execs, however, seems surprisingly non-controversial and is raising questions as to exactly why it's been banned.

According to Politics Daily, the latest 30-second spot which features a brief reference to a biblical passage was rejected by Fox for "advancing particular beliefs or practices," which is reportedly against company policy.

The ad was produced by the Fixed Point Foundation, an Alabama-based organization dedicated to defending Christianity in the public arena. A brief glimpse at the words "John 3:16" are meant to encourage the audience to research the biblical phrase: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

"We thought in this case, let's put forward something that is understated, that feels secular," said Larry Taunton, head of the Fixed Point Foundation.

"The Fixed Point Foundation was provided with our guidelines prior to their submission of storyboards for our review," Fox said in a statement. "Upon examination, the advertising submitted clearly delivers a religious message and as a result has been rejected."

Though obviously disappointed, Taunton said his organization has accepted the decision and will move on.  "They were very courteous and gracious," Taunton stressed. "Fox Sports isn't the enemy. We aren't out to demonize them. We think this is more of a cultural issue than it is a Fox Sports issue. Their solution was just to run from it because they think this is something that would offend their viewership. I think we have become so utterly sensitive and politically correct that the result is we end up doing absurd things like this."

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