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NO! I Do Not Want My Computer Hugging Me


From the "Creepy Invention" file comes news out of Japan that engineers have created a device that attaches to your computer and will deliver something called a "Cyberhug."

"When connected to a computer, the machine used a series of sensors and motors to mimic a hug along with other sensations such as several types of heartbeat, the sensation of having butterflies in one's stomach and a tingling feeling down the spine."

If the thought of strapping on your USB-connected Huggy3000 Vest and logging into a chat room does not have you slightly schkeeved-out, perhaps this will;

"The prototype, which looked like a network of connected straps similar to a harness, was designed to add a human-like level of sensation to online conversations."

The Cyberhug's inventor, Mr Tsetserukou did make it clear that he had not incorporated sexual arousal into his invention (yet) because that might compromise his intended goal of making better emotional connections online.   In his own words;

"I am looking to create a deep immersive experience, not just a vibration in your shirt triggered by an SMS. Emotion is what gives communication life."

Right.  The emotion I am feeling right now is described as "Ew."

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