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MSNBC Host Demands GOP Congressman 'Show Me Your Christian Papers


In one of the most bizarre exchanges seen on "Last Word," Congressman Steve King of Iowa was grilled by a rabid Lawrence O'Donnell.

Obermann's replacement was all fired up after seeing a segment on Sean Hannity's show where pollster Frank Luntz had room full of Iowans (about 25 people by my count, mostly white) and 40% of the group admitted that they thought the President was or might be a Muslim.  Some of those in the room might be represented by Congressman King and as such, Lawrence O'Donnell apparently expects the Congressman to be responsible for ALL of their beliefs.

The Iowa Congressman repeated over and over that he took the President at his word, but nothing seemed to satisfy Mr. O'Donnell, even when he clarified it this way;

"The President stood in Cairo, and spoke to the Muslim world and professed to be a Christian, if he will stand in front of the Muslim world and make that statement, I take him at his word."

But Mr. O'Donnell was not letting go.  He then attempted a weak analogy shifting from the confusion about Obama's religion to questioning JFK's nationality after he spoke at the Berlin Wall.

Point of fact for Mr. O'Donnell, Islam and it's 1.5 billion followers, is a religion without borders, Germany happens to be a country.

The entire segment follows

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