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Rumors of Alleged Affair Continue to Plague SC Gov. Nikki Haley


Accusations of infidelity did not keep South Carolina Republican Nikki Haley from taking over the state's top office during last November's election. But the conservative political blogger who originally made the accusations, Will Folks, is continuing to make waves and promising to release a new book about his alleged affair with Haley.

Haley has repeatedly denied Folks' claims and said she has been "100 percent faithful" to her husband. Gov. Haley has also pledged to resign from office if Folks' claims are proven true.

Aside from Folks' book deal, Haley has also garnered some negative attention from the local media after publicly criticizing one network for airing excerpts from the "tell-all" book. Early Monday, the governor posted a note for one local station on her Facebook profile:

The station is not taking the governor's comments sitting down, however.   WACH Fox station management is calling for a retraction and public apology from Haley.

"Mr. Folks published a statement that essentially calls the sitting governor of our state a liar; and he then dared her to sue him for it. From my perspective that is absolutely a newsworthy event," says WACH Fox news director Bryan Cox, adding that the station accurately reported the story.

Additionally, WACH Fox President/CEO David Olmsted stated Tuesday the governor's published comments are patently false and appear to be a willful attempt to inflict harm on WACH Fox in response to the station's fair coverage of a relevant news story the governor apparently wants ignored.

"The WACH Fox news department has published or broadcast more than 100 stories pertaining to Gov. Haley during the past year. Despite that voluminous amount of reporting, there is not a single documented instance of the governor challenging the accuracy of any fact in any of those reports," said Olmsted. "The governor's own actions concede the station's coverage has been consistently fair, credible and accurate."

"It's entirely possible that Will Folks is lying," Cox admitted. "However, if he is, our society has a legal framework in place to recover damages for libel and defamation. The fact Folks is taunting the governor to do exactly that, along with these unanswered questions, forces us to accept at least the possibility he may be telling the truth. That's legitimate news."

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