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Speeder Arrested While Recording 140 MPH Joyride for YouTube


"...his third speeding incident in the past year."

It could be that the guy in the video below does not read The Blaze. If he did, he would know that trying to post a speeding video featuring yourself can lead to your own arrest. But that may be exactly what he wanted.

Back in December, we posted a story and a video of a guy filming himself going 190 mph in Oklahoma, only to be arrested later once police saw the footage on YouTube. Fast forward two months and we have the story of a guy in Oregon getting pulled over and arrested while trying to film his own version on a rainy night -- this time the speedometer hit 140 mph:

[WARNING: The music in the background may contain some cuss words]

Reuters reports:

Stanislav Vadimovich Bakanov was pulled over by police on Oregon Interstate 5 after he was clocked driving his black 2005 BMW at 118 mph. He filmed Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Postlewait as he approached the car.

When Postlewait asked why he was videotaping, Bakanov said he was filming his speedometer, and his arrest, to post on Youtube. The video later revealed that Bakanov had attained speeds in excess of 140 mph.

He was arrested and confined in Marion County jail Saturday night, charged with reckless driving and speeding. It was his third speeding incident in the past year. The video was confiscated and will be used as evidence against him.

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