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30 Minutes of Hell': Details of Lara Logan's Horrific Attack Emerge


The violent assault on CBS News' foreign correspondent Lara Logan shocked the international community as ex-Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak bent to public pressure and relinquished his office.  As protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square erupted in celebration, Logan and her news crew were viciously attacked.

The 200-strong crowd shouted "Spy!" and "Israeli!" as they surrounded Logan and her colleagues.

Logan received the brunt of the unfettered aggression as she was pulled away from the rest of her team and security detail.  According to the Times of London, a large group of men viciously tore at the 39-year-old's clothes, punched her and beat her with flag poles for up to 30 minutes, leaving her body covered in red welts and bruises.

Additionally, some wounds -- initially thought to be bite marks -- later proved to be from "aggressive pinching," the Times noted.

Attackers also injured members of Logan's team, including one security guard who suffered a broken hand in the ordeal.

"Lara is getting better daily," a friend told the paper. "The psychological trauma is as bad as, if not worse than, the physical injuries. She might talk about it at some time in the future, but not now."

“I don’t think anyone knows what happened in that square except Lara,” one CBS source added.
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