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John Edwards Voicemail Recordings Reveal Affair Cover Up on Presidential Campaign Trail


A local North Carolina television news station has obtained recorded voicemail messages purportedly left by John Edwards during his bid to become president in 2008 that one former aide says proves the former Democratic senator was complicit in covering up his extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter.

Additionally, the battle over a video reportedly showing Edwards and Hunter engaged in sexual relations returned to court Thursday.  WTVD reports:

Lawyers for former Edwards aide Andrew Young filed a sealed motion to compel Edwards to give them more information. Apparently, they didn't get all the answers they wanted when they deposed him in early February.

Hunter sued Young and his wife for invasion of privacy in an effort to get the tape back last year. She has said she attempted to destroy the video tape by pulling it out of its cassette box before storing it in a box of private belongings.

Young, who has said he helped keep Hunter in hiding for Edwards during the 2008 presidential campaign - and later wrote a book about the experience - contends the tape was found amid trash that Hunter left behind in a home that he was renting.

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