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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Compares Gingrich to a Terrorist


"He looks like a car bomber."

Chris Matthews has no shame. Or candor. Or apparently a filter.

On last night's "Hardball" he discussed a possible 2012 presidential run by Newt Gingrich. And while it's hard to believe how that discussion could degenerate into Matthews comparing Gingrich to a terrorist, it did. Multiple times.

The comments came after a guest theorized that Gingrich could win the GOP nomination:

But he looks like a car bomber. He looks like a car bomber. Clarence, he looks like a car bomber. He's got that crazy Mephistophelian grin of his. He looks like he loves torturing. Look at the guy! I mean this, this is not the face of a president.

We'll be sure to scour MSNBC today for any denunciation of hateful, vitriolic rhetoric and calls for civility.

(via NewsBusters)

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