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Beck Will Run for 'Archduke'...Says Stephen Colbert


"...of the post-apocalyptic afterscape."

In the world according to Stephen Colbert, Glenn Beck will eventually get into politics. Not in 2012. And not in a run for president. But rather beyond 2012 he will run for "Archduke of the post-apocalyptic afterscape."

Colbert mocked Beck on his show last night after covering the suspensions of Fox contributors Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Fox's reason for suspending them, that they are "signaling" a presidential run, didn't satisfy Colbert. But he did say, at least, that Beck has nothing to worry about "because based on his show, he's looking past 2012 and running for Arch Duke of the post-apocalyptic afterscape":

(H/T: TPM)

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