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This Is My Wife': Ohio Doctor Has Shock Emergency Room Revelation


"You have to do this."


Cincinnati (CNN) -- As he cradled his wife's limp body in his arms, Tim Delgado told himself, "You have to do this."

The fate of Alison, his wife, best friend and medical school classmate, depended on it. His usually steady hands quivered as he held her pale face steady and fumbled with the tools that could save her life. Her doe-eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Through tears, he said, "I'm sorry, babe."

Then, he stabbed her neck.

Alison's eyes shot open. She gurgled in pain and weakly clawed at the tracheotomy tube that pierced her throat.

This was the second time that Dr. Delgado saved his wife's life.  Learn about the first, and the love story that defines it...watch this:

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