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F.A.Q.: Hitler teapot


Q: Does a Hitler teapot exist?

A: Yes, I am afraid the existence of a Hitler teapot entered my reality at approximately 4pm yesterday. 1600 if you're in the military.

Q: Why would someone make a Hitler teapot?

A: You know, that's a great question and one that I don't have an easy answer for. Then again, I bought a Chairman Mao watch when I was in China. I can only assume that someone in the world has Mussolini underpants.

Q: Who on earth would buy a Hitler teapot?

A: Nazis are the first folks who come to mind. But, to be honest I've read a slew of books about them and World War II in general and I've never once gotten the impression they were big tea drinkers. Schnapps, yes. Darjeeling, nein.

Q: How would you react to being served from a Hitler teapot?

A: There's not a lot of precedent for being served from a Hitler teapot so I'm not sure what the etiquette would be. In all probability I would make several assumptions about the host's sanity and taste but try to stay civil. However, I'd be forced to say something if the sugar cubes were shaped like swastikas.

Hitler Teapot

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