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Fareed Zakaria Digs Into Glenn Beck, Says Birtherism Is 'Coded' Race-Talk


"coded way to talk about race"

In an interview with Jay Leno, CNN's Fareed Zakaria dug into Glenn Beck, responding to Beck's characterization of him--Zakaria--as an "America basher and useful idiot."

Zakaria told Leno, “I’m an immigrant. I’m not an American by accident of birth, as Glenn Beck is. I’m an American by choice. I came to this country.”

In the same interview, Zakaria also implied that birthers are racist:

Look, I think that some of this [birtherism]--maybe there are people who feel genuinely worried about this--I think some of it is being used by politicians as a coded way to talk about race, and the fact that he's [Obama's] different from us, whatever that means. I think it's a great shame. Because first of all, it's unbecoming, it's un-American. Secondly, look at this last census. What does it mean to be different from us? You've got 50 million Hispanic Americans. You've got a country that is increasingly a mixture of minorities. Look at us, we all have funny last names.
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