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Chicago UFOs Turn Out to be Child Abuse Memorial


"You light the bottom of them and they heat up..."

The UFOs, from CBS in Chicago.

Over the weekend, the sky over Chicago's South side was inundated with mysterious, blinking lights that seemed to hover in unison. The UFOs had some wondering if the string of lights represented evidence of intelligent alien life. But, alas, it seems the sighting had nothing to do with space life and everything to do with young life -- it was a child abuse awareness project.

First, video of the lights from over the weekend:

Now the explanation from ABC 7 News in Chicago:

Renee Hutchinson, who started the Baby James Foundation, explained the lights were actually sky lanterns released in memory of abuse victims.

"You light the bottom of them and they heat up, and as they heat up, they fill up like hot air balloons and they go into the sky," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson said police officers even stopped by to see what was going on.

She says this has been an unusual way to get attention for her cause.

Hutchinson also claimed responsibility on her Twitter page:

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