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Anderson Cooper Tackles Obama 'Brain Surgery' Theory: 'Scar Gazers



On his show last night, Anderson Cooper tackled a story we featured on The Blaze last week -- the new theory that says pictures suggest Obama may have had brain surgery. Pictures like this:

(See more pictures from our original report.)

A sarcastic Cooper called the theory "really restrained" and "well-thought out." He went on to mock it by discussing the theories surrounding his own hair, the ones that say he wears a toupe. They're not true, just like ones about Obama's brain surgery:

"As for President Obama maybe it's bad angles, weird lighting, photoshop. Those things lie like crazy. Come on, right this minute you can go online and find pictures of Big Foot, the Lochness monster, the chupacabra. You can find a potato chip the looks like Jesus. Here's the photographic proof that Dick Cheney is a robot. It's right there. All of which are just as convincing as the cries of, 'Obama has a scar and it really really means something.'"

Watch the "RidicuList" segment below:

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