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O'Reilly Features Blaze Video & Accuses 'Spooky Guy' Soros of Wanting Economic Collapse


A "recast" of the economic system.

Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck don't always see eye-to-eye -- they don't always agree on everything. But one thing that O'Reilly is agreeing with Beck on now is that there are those on the left who would love to see an economic collapse so that they can remake the system. Chief among those cheerleaders, O'Reilly says, is Beck's "spooky guy" -- George Soros.

While discussing who won the budget battle during his "Talking Points" segment last night, O'Reilly said "the far left wants the government to control the economy" and they want a "recast" of the economic system. The only way to do that? An economic collapse. O'Reilly also featured The Blaze's video of Rep. Markey's tirade against the pollution-loving GOP. You can see both The Blaze video and the O'Reilly's thoughts on Soros starting at about 1:30 below:

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