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Re: The Blaze's sudden bookshelf obsession


While Brian claims to be able to deduce what your book collection says about you, I have a few observations of my own:

1. Brian's bookshelf judgment process is seriously flawed.  How many people stock their bookshelves with a number of volumes they've never even read?  Think of a stranger's bookshelf like an online dating profile -- how much of what's out there really reflects who they are?  For a better look at someone, you're better off snooping through their nightstand or medicine cabinet.  Or, there's the much more sane and less creepy way of getting to know someone: have a conversation!

2. Brian has fallen prey to today's politically correct society.  If you think Donald Trump is an idiot, you should feel free to say so, regardless of what someone might think.

3.  I don't think I want to know how Scott stumbled upon a site called

4.  Taking time to snap photos of your personal library and debating what image you're putting out to the world tells me y'all have way too much time on your hands.

5.  As a Kindle owner myself, I declare that Kindles are great but books are forever.

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