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Will this make you get a Kindle? I hope so.


I love my Amazon Kindle e-reader. My wife bought one for me for Christmas, and I have to say I'm addicted. It makes reading effortless. Many times I find myself sitting down with it and looking up an hour later having been oblivious to how long I was engrossed in my "book." And yes, I was formerly a book traditionalist.

Now, Amazon has just unveiled a new version that could put the device in many more hands:

(AP) -- Inc. is dropping the price on its Kindle e-reader, but the change comes with a trade-off: On-screen ads.

The online retailer was set to announce Tuesday that the new Kindle with Special Offers will cost $114 - $25 less than the currently lowest-priced Kindle - and include advertisements on the bottom of the device's home page and on its screen savers. Seattle-based Amazon will start shipping the newest Kindle on May 3, and it will also be sold in Target and Best Buy stores on that date.

Amazon has consistently lowered the price of the Kindle since it released the first version of the device at $399 in 2007, though this is the first time it is doing so while including ads on the e-reader.

A photo from Amazon and the AP shows what the new ads will look like:

I'm not a fan of the on-screen ads. And I'm not sure there are many people who are. But there are those who can put up with them. If that's you, and you couldn't stomach the $139 price tag before, go buy one. I'm glad I did -- or rather, that my wife did.

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