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Marines Requesting Ball-istic Briefs!


A story posted on brought to light a very specific and urgent need from the United States Marine Corps. The toughest of the tough are requesting bullet-proof underwear and they want it now!

The special under-garments seen above are not only helpful in deflecting shrapnel and reducing the impact of IEDs, but thanks to antimicrobial silk, they also have special properties that fights off infections if wounds are suffered.

My question... WHY DON'T WE HAVE THESE ALREADY?  Even a jr. high P.E. class requires the most basic of groin guards. So why, nearly a decade into our battles in Afghanistan are we finally figuring out that each and every one of our guys needs protection for their 'twig and berries?'

The Marines say they require 27,500 pairs of these very special undergarments and according to the MSNBC report, the order had 'unusual and compelling urgency.'


When one is protecting one's 'tender vegetation' you want the best possible equipment. And you want it BEFORE you realize that you need it.

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