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Update: Trump Denies He'll Make Prez Announcement on 'Apprentice


"I can't announce during the show, I really can't"

Donald Trump denied on a radio show this morning that he will announce his presidential run on "The Apprentice." But don't be fooled. Why? Because that's not at all what the reports said he would do. In essence, Trump denied something that was never asserted. Here's what I mean.

If you look at the reports (read our earlier report), you'll notice neither of the sources we cited said he was going to announce his candidacy on "The Apprentice." Rather, CNN said he would announce an "announcement date," while Newsmax reported he would give a date for a news conference where he would then announce his candidacy. That's a big difference. And it's important that Trump decided instead to deny a straw man rather than the actual reports.

Listen below, via Mediaite:

As a side note, Trump also said he has a good relationship with "the blacks."

It could be that Trump now ends up making no announcement (or no announcement about an announcement) on the "The Apprentice" given this attention. But then again, maybe that wasn't the plan in the first place. Maybe he just wanted the media writing about it so he could talk about not doing it, thrusting his name into the headlines once again.

I'm a sucker.

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