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Haunted? UK Family Says This Video Shows Poltergeist Terrorizing Home


The house is definitely haunted and has poltergeist activity."

The video will give anyone who believes in ghosts, spirits, or demons a chill. A family in the UK captured video a few weeks ago of what it says is a poltergeist haunting their Coventry home. In the video, a wardrobe door can be seen swinging open before something drags a pink chair across the floor:

The Coventry Telegraph says the haunting has gotten so bad the family has been forced to move out. Lisa Manning, her children Ellie and Jayden, and her partner Anthony say that they've seen pots and pans thrown across the room, blinds moving up and down, as well as lights turning on and off.

The Manning's case resembles another alleged haunting in Hull, East Yorkshire. There, according to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old Emma Keeitch and her family say they too are being terrorized by a poltergeist -- a presence so disturbing it even has ghost experts freaked out.

The Mail reports the Keeitch clan has also moved out of their house after a series of strange events, the scariest of which included entering the bathroom, looking up at the window, and seeing the word "move":

Paranormal psychic Steve Kneeshaw said: 'I have done many investigations but this is the worst one yet - it even freaked me out.

'It was a very intense evening and some of what happened was totally bizarre.

Emma and her boyfriend, Jamie Owen, 25, left their home with their four-month-old daughter Pheobie after waking up and seeing the message on their bedroom window.

She claimed that poltergeists had switched on stereos, spun pictures that were hung on walls and even threw a plank of wood into a bin.

She said: 'I've never believed in ghosts and always been very skeptical. But what has happened to us is too much - we just can't stay here any longer.

'We have tried to explain it away. You can blame the electrics or a draft for some things but not everything.

One of the investigators, Kellie Taylor, said that she was slapped across the face by one of the spirits causing her to flee.

As they continued to look around the house a television remote was thrown across the room and bedding moved by itself.

'The house is definitely haunted and has poltergeist activity," Elliot Ainley, who studied the homes strange happenings, writes in a report. He says "there are two spirits haunting the house -- that of a mother and that of a baby."

'The mother spirit seems particularly angry, probably at the way she died, which is why objects are being thrown about," he writes. "We decided to do some glass divination, during which Kellie had her face seemingly lightly slapped by a spirit hand."

Ainley believes the spirits' names are Rachel and Sarah: "They appear to have both died quickly and tragically."

Keeitch has now reportedly called in an exorcist from the Church of England.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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